Social Media/ Internet Marketing Business Evaluation – £ 0

Website Evaluation

  • Load speed
  • User interface
  • Compelling content
  • Clear ‘Call to action’
  • Mobile optimised?
  • Sales Funnel/ lead generation funnel

Social Media Evaluation

  • Is the brand story being communicated effectively?
  • Posting frequency
  • Customer engagement
  • Customer Support
  • Paid advertising
  • Competitor analysis

Foundation package

Small business
  • Brand story consultation
  • Website optimisation, including SEO and creating a ‘Call to action button’
  • Facebook posting 5 – 7x per week & customer engagement
  • Localised customer targeting though paid Facebook campaign
  • Instagram posting 5- 7x per week & customer engagement
  • Twitter posting 1-5x per day & customer engagement

Professional Package

( Recommended )
Medium Business
  • Everything included in the foundation package
  • Creation of brand story video
  • Improved website SEO ranking (dedicated team member)
  • Hyper targeted Facebook advertising
  • Mega-giveaway advertising campaign
  • Email lead collection (from campaigns)
  • Direct email marketing

Premium Package

Large Business
  • Everything included in the foundation and professional package
  • Increased SEO website ranking (dedicated team member)
  • Increased Facebook advertising spend
  • Increases brand spend
  • Google Ad Words
  • Dedicated graphic designer to improve branding
  • Sales funnel
  • YouTube videos

Both parties have the right to cancel anytime – We don’t have any long contracts, that said we recommend 3 months minimum

100% money-back guarantee (excluding ad spend). We’re confident we can help you, but if you’re not happy, we’re not happy and we’ll give you your money back.

“Our goal is to improve your online presence by building your brand, getting you more loyal customers and increasing your revenue.”